Light System

To many newlyweds I made their wedding day more beautiful by various lights and effects because every venue indoor or outdoor can be even more beautiful by doing so.

Thanks to special lights the interior is coloured in couple’s favourite shades which slowly blend into one another.

Lights for the wedding give a special feeling to your first dance and entire wedding festivity.

Light is also the best support for good music on the dance floor and a laser show will lift up the atmosphere/mood and have an effect to an even greater mood of guests. Adding special ice low fog the rays of light system become visible and the entire event is lifted to a higher level.

The lighting consists of:

  • 10 x American DJ Mega Par Profile 14W
  • 10 x American DJ Mega Tripar Profile 5x3W
  • 10 x American DJ – Mega Tripar Profile Plus 5x4W
  • 4 x Led Par64 7x9W
  • 1 x American DJ Galaxian Gem Led
  • 1 zeleni laser Starville DJ Lase 40G MK III DMX
  • 1 crveni laser Starville DJ Lase 150 R MK III DMX
  • 2 kom Sparkle 3W
  • 2 kom Lead Moving Head 7x12W
  • 60W Spot Moving Head
  • dim mašina Stairville SF80 700W